Une main de fée

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Washi tells the story of a country where traditions endure through the ages. Ancient gestures are used today to create new uses for this savoir-faire. Mixed plant fibers become pulp and then paper. Patterns devour leaves, allowing glimpses of shades of colors and reflections of golden metal. Washi is an immersion into the heart of a maze of strange designs or a flight to the clouds from which the dreamer watches for the Levant.

Design Collection: La chambre des kimonos

Design: Une main de fée

Sales units : $400 Per Meter

Product :
Permanent fire resistant, Wide width 115cm (45"), Made in France
Non-inflammable: ASTM E84 class A
Composition : 48% PL 32% Cellulose 11% Bonding agents 9% PU on non woven base
Care : Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth
Width +/- 3% : 115 cm (45")
Pattern match : None
Weight : 0.20 Kg per sq.yd (1 square yard = 0.84 square meters)

Delivery: Approx 2 - 4 Weeks