Un supplément d'âme

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Lapu-lapu - Un supplément d'âme

"Handmade" craftsmanship is engaged in an exercise in style and reveals the luxury of its know-how in natural materials. Palm fibre, Abaca bark, bamboo, sheets of paper mache immersed in vegetable dyes, radiating after being colour washed by hand, leaving behind a mark of their design on the paper.

Hand-dyed sheets of paper mache are assembled in a random board game layout revealing the marks of their geometric designs. Handcrafted patchwork of 28 cm hand-glued sheets over the entire width of the wallcovering.

Sales units : $546 per mtr

Product :
Handcrafted product
Composition : Paper on non woven base
Care : Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth
Width +/- 3% : 110cm (43")
Weight : 0.5 Kg per sq.yd (1 square yard = 0.84 square meters)

Delivery: Approx 2 - 4 Weeks