Trouver son refuge

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Trouver son refuge

This wallcovering collection is the result of a long collaboration with exceptional creators. Product of paradise islands, its authenticity and its modernity make it unique. A selection of 5 wall finishes, in 27 references and colors. Once dry, the abaca fibers* are processed, softened, dyed with natural pigments, and finally either woven or pasted onto the backing. These operations demand patience, vigilance and an acute artistic sense.

Each production is unique, and one linear meter takes a full work day to produce.

Sales units : $405 per mtr

Product :
Handcrafted product
Composition : Abaca and nylon on non woven base
Care : Avoid any contact with water, clean with a dry cloth
Width +/- 3% : 110cm (43")
Pattern match : Random match
Weight : 0.8 Kg per sq.yd (1 square yard = 0.84 square meters)

Delivery: Approx 2 - 4 Weeks