Magisso Cool ID Tumbler 2pc

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Brand: Magisso
Material: food safe ceramics

Enjoy your drinks cool by the pool or at a perfect dinner. And you don’t need a freezer or a fridge to keep them cool with the awarded naturally cooling ceramic barware. Just soak the naturally cooling Ceramics in water for a minute or two before use. It will keep content cool for two to four hours.

You can also create your very own design or write a personal message on the side of the Ceramics with a chalk.

The Magisso Cool-ID Tumbler allows you to keep your favourite drinks cool longer even in the hottest weather. Just soak the tumbler for 60 seconds under water or a running tap for the natural cooling effect to start. Pour your favourite cold beer or any cold beverage into it and enjoy – as long as you like. The tumbler stays cold for hours, so you can keep the beer flowing. You can stand out from the crowd by personalising it with a touch of chalk and creativity. Cool-ID Tumbler is a perfect gift.

Set of two. Volume: 19.2 fl oz. / 0.568 L
Dishwasher safe