Cocoon Chiminea Pedestal Black

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Brand: Cocoon Fires

Cocoon fireplaces run on ethanol, making the fires clean and environmentally friendly. As the ethanol burns the main body of the fireplace heats and radiates warmth throughout the room. The burner contained inside can hold enough fuel to burn for up to 4-6 hours depending on the heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

It is the simplicity of the design that makes the object so attractive and effective. This piece will make a practical and aesthetic addition to any apartment and home. COCOON FIRES offers a simple and practical solution for functional and attractive heating. They are very easy to install.

What type of combustion is used?
The combustible used is ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, drinking alcohol or grain alcohol. It is a biofuel which can be derived from plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugarcane.

How does the chimney work?
Ethanol is poured into the Strom Burner inside of the chimney.
Simply dip the igniter match into the Strom burner, remove the igniter and light with a match or lighter.
Place the lit igniter into the Strom Burner to start.

How long does this type of fire burn for?
The duration of the flame depends on the quantity, climate conditions, altitude, air current and the height of the flame. One litre can burn for about 1 1/2 hours with a large flame, while 2 litres can last around 3 hours. The duration of the flame reduces considerably in an area with more air current.

Does it produce soot?
It can produce soot, if there are ceramic logs located too close to the flame or if a continuous air current moves the flame to one side of the steel combustion box. It is possible to remove the soot on the Strom steel box by using a dry cloth. Do NOT use any type of cleaning products.

How much CO2 is produced by the combustible?
The combustible produces less CO2 than two medium size candles.

Once burning the cocoon Chiminea gets hot, it cannot be touched whilst in use. If there are children in the area it is advisable to use a fire protection screen, the same as you would with any fireplace. An advantage over wood fires is there is no rise of ash or small burning pieces to spit out of the Chiminea.

The rocks pictured are NOT included, you can use any heat proof/flame proof item as decoration in your Chiminea.

The chiminea's flame can be adjusted and extinguished

The amount of heat emitted depends on several factors:

  • how high you have the flames set
  • your home itself. If you have a lot of glass or you have concrete floors you will get heat loss, and it depends on the insulation of your home.

The Cocoon Fires produce approx 3.6kw, which is equivalent to a small to medium gas or electric heater.

The ethanol (methylated spirits) smells as you pour it into the tray, but does not emit an odour whilst burning.

As the Chiminea is a clean burn there is no issue with residue from the burning process, it requires being dusted on occasion and can be wiped over with mild warm soapy water. Do not use chemicals to clean the Chiminea as when it is lit they will emit fumes.

Once burning the tray should NOT be moved as liquid contents are hot.